Message From Our Founder

Like so many people, my life has had its tragic moments and triumphs. And it was often during those dark times in my life that I learned some of the most powerful life lessons; they propelled me towards my calling which has been to help people.

Since childhood I have had to contend with the loss of family members through addiction, mental illness and tragedy. But, my family struggles combined with moments of hopelessness did not define or control my destiny. On the contrary!  With my unwavering faith, as my strength and the inspiration of a strong woman, my mother, I have been able to rise above the odds and successfully live my dreams. For this I am truly grateful.

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I am someone you can talk to and strategize with about your personal growth, relationships, career, life or corporate challenges. For over 25 years, I have worked professionally and privately in the people-helping business within municipal government, grassroots community-based organizations and community churches. Friends and family members will tell you that my lifelong passion has been to reach out to others in an impactful way. As the founder of Keys4life & Wellness we are able to help others shine the light on their dreams and potential. The exciting part is we travel this journey together


I am a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work. I am also a certified Coach Practitioner (CCF), Life Skills Coach/Facilitator and Adult Education – Staff Training and Development professional. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of people. My credentials allow me to skillfully strategize within the corporate world, small businesses, public sector and community churches. I especially enjoy working with groups and providing one-on-one services to individuals. But my pride and joy is my family. And I do believe that life is about relationships with ones-self, others and God. I believe that no one is an island and we can’t walk this life alone. The truth is we can’t be fruitful in life without relationships.

Keys4life & Wellness is based in Canada, and we have had the privilege of working with clients internationally. Technology has really supported us in our services. We use a solution-focused approach incorporating humour, compassion and inspiration to get you or your organization where you want to be. Give us a call and let Keys4life & Wellness support you on your journey.

Contact us for more information at 416-882-3718 or

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